SummerCrush Original FlockSuit

Size Guide
Chicken Size Chart

The breed chart below is meant as a general guide ONLY due to the tremendous amount of variation in size and shape within a breed. To measure the length, you must make sure the tail and neck are fully upright. Measure from the base (bottom) of the back of the neck to the base (bottom) of the front of the tail. 


Petite (1)
2.5" to 3.5"
X-Small (2)
3.5" to 5"
Small (4)
4.5" to 6"
Medium (5)
5.5" to 8.5"
Large (6)
6.5" to 10"


Breed Guide (best method is to get a length measure for more accurate sizing, as FlockSuits are non-returnable)

Ameraucana Medium
Ancona Medium
Andalusian Medium
Appenzellar Spitzhauben Small
Araucana Medium
Aseel Small
Australorp Medium
Avam Cemani Small
Baheij Medium
Bandara Medium
Bantam Silkie Petite
Bantam Sultan Petite
Barnevelder Medium
Belgian D'Anvers X-Small
Brahma Bantam Small
Brahma Large
Buckeye Medium
Buttercup Medium
Campine Medium
Catalana Medium
Chantecler Medium
Cochin Large
Cochin Bantam Small
Cornish Large
Crevecoeur Medium
Cubalaya Medium
Delaware Medium
Dominique Medium
Dorking Medium
D'Uccle X-Small
Dutch Bantam Small
English Game Bantam Petite
Egyptian Fayoumi Small
Faverolles Medium
Friesian Medium
Gimmizah Medium
Hamburg Small
Holland Medium
Houdan Medium
Japanese Bantam Petite
Java Large
Jersey Giant Large
La Fleche Medium
Lakenvelder Small
Lamona Medium
Langshan Large
Legbar Medium
Leghorn Medium
Malay Large
Minorca Large
Modern Game Bird Small
Naked Neck (Turken) Medium
New Hampshire Red Medium
Nankin X-Small
Old English Game Bird Small
Orloff Medium
Orpington (smaller sized) Medium
Orpington (larger sized) Large
Penedesenca Small
Phoenix Small
Plymouth Rock (smaller sized) Medium
Plymouth Rock (larger sized) Large
Polish Small
Polish Bantam X-Small
Red Cap Medium
Rhode Island Red Medium
Rosecomb X-Small
Silkie Small
Sablepoot X-Small
Seabright Petite
Serama Petite
Shamo Large
Styrian Medium
Sumatra Small
Sussex Medium
Sultan Small
Swedish Flower Hen Medium
Welsummer Medium
Wyandottes Medium
Yokohama Small


Avian Fashions and Two Creative Chicks have teamed up to create the best chicken diaper on the planet. Every chick needs a Red FlockSuit in her wardrobe - perfect for the holidays, Valentine's Day and beyond! The FlockSuit features the following:
  • Three separate points of adjustability, giving each chicken a custom fit - it can be adjusted lengthwise, widthwise and around the tail.
  • Innovative T-Strap with loop design allows for maximum adjustability, comfort and safety.
  • Elasticized tail strap accommodates various tail sizes and helps to contain odors.
  • Fully-lined, waterproof poop pouch keeps droppings away from the bird and makes cleanup easy (allows owners to just dump contents in toilet and wipe clean).
  • Extra strong Velcro back strap keeps the FlockSuit in place and allows for length variability. 
  • Made of soft and stretchy Lycra fabric for maximum comfort
  • Available in: Petite, X-Small, Small, Medium and Large
  • Colors include: Red, Black, Denim, Fireworks and for a limited time - Flockadelic and Watermelon.
  • Due to Biosecurity, we are unable to accept returns on opened FlockSuits for any reason.