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Duckling/Gosling Layette

Everything your new baby duck or goose will need for the first 4 weeks is included in the Duckling/Gosling Layette.

Grip Mat Shelf Liner
  • Babies can't stand on anything slippery as their little feet slide out and they can develop splayed leg.
  • The Grip Mat is comfortable and safe to stand on.
  • The holes allow water to flow through to the newspaper below, keeping the floor dry and making clean-up simple.
  • Roll of 12” x 10 feet.

Soft Momma Duck
This is a very special Mom!

  • Soft and cuddly, this simple hand puppet allows you to put handwarmers inside to create a warm “Momma” without dangerous cords or hot lamps.
  • Your baby can snuggle up under the wing of a warm Momma just as it would in nature.
  • NOTE: Puppet may vary from photo.


  • We also include fourteen 18-hour handwarmers which should provide warmth for about two weeks.
Baby Harnesses
  • Baby ducks love to be with their human families and can sleep on you for hours.
  • Our set of Baby Harnesses in four graduated sizes will make holding your duckling so much more enjoyable.
  • This will help your baby duck or goose will get used to wearing a diaper.
  • Baby harnesses hold a cut-out piece of sanitary pad (MaxiPad, etc.)
  • Because ducklings eat a lot, they must be changed every 1 to 3 hours.

Food and Water Bowls
Babies love making a mess of food and water so we've tried to make it a little easier for you.
  • Two 4" Terra Cotta, non-slip dishes prevent “turnovers.”
  • After the first two or three days, you can separate the food and water and keep the food dry.
  • These charming little dishes will also come in handy later to hold oyster shell, grit or treats in the Ducky Diner.

Baby Food

  • We include a one pound bag of food to get your baby started.
  • A non-medicated turkey and game bird crumble, it contains 18% protein - perfect for ducklings.
  • When ducks reach about 4 weeks old, you can start adding scratch (cracked grains) which cuts their amount of protein intake.


Understanding your new baby is very important.
  • They love to play right away, so we offer the Duckling Layette Deluxe Package which includes all of the items above PLUS the book "DUCK! THERE'S A GOOSE IN THE HOUSE!" and a Wigalee Worm for only $75.00.
Duck or Goose
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