Skirt with Collar & Bow

Duck items will not ship until 2/9/22
Step out in style with one of our Skirt and Collar & Bow combinations – perfect for special occasions or every day wear.

  • The Skirt has been specifically designed to attach to our Diaper Harness with a snap and Velcro attachment.
  • The Collar & Bow easily slips over your duck/goose’s head.
  • You can select from a wide range of cotton/poly blend choices below.
  • The skirt will be made with your primary fabric choice and the ruffle/trim will be made with the accent fabric.
  • If you indicate that your duck/goose is a female, your bow will be more feminine and your skirt will feature a ruffle. 
  • If your duck/goose is male, the skirt will not have a ruffle and the bow will be a "bow tie."