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Our signature product, the FeatherWear FlightSuit™! Born out of a need to keep our homes and shoulders free from messy bird poop while also allowing our birbs to move freely and live their best birdy lives. Our suits were designed and patented over 25 years ago by Lorraine Moore, the original owner of Avian Fashions. Our FlightSuits™ have changed the bird industry, allowing more time for pet birds to be out of the cage to spend time with you in and out of the home. After all, spending quality bonding time is vital to your bird's overall health and well-being. We proudly produce a variety of sizes, colors, patterns and styles with every size of bird in mind. We are constantly chirping away at new ideas to keep your birb the center of attention! Our comprehensive size chart and detailed measurement instructions will insure a proper fit. We have added leashes and liners to give your bird more freedom to stretch his wings and also allow you to extend the wear life of your FlightSuit!

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At Avian Fashions, we aim to expand the boundaries of a caged life and the quality of life for pet birds and their owners along with rescue birds. We proudly produce the original, patented FeatherWear FlightSuit™.

Driven by creativity, we are independently woman-owned and operated.

We are devoted to optimizing the bird-"parront" relationship & invite you to explore the fabulous FlightSuit™ in our store. 

Sarah - Owner

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