Become a Wholesaler

Thank you for you interest in becoming an Avian Fashions Wholesaler. Please take a minute to read our brief wholesale policy.

As a wholesaler, you...

1. Agree to sell the products purchased as they are packaged on your company website or physical location.   No repackaging under a different name.

2. Agree to not replicate the product and sell as your own brand/design or sell to anyone attempting such.

3. Agree to advertise any Avian Fashions product with the brand name Avian Fashions and also correct product name.

4. Purchase a minimum of $400 per order

5. Agree to handle all customer returns/exchanges for products purchased directly from wholesaler.

6. Display Avian Fashions Size Chart for customers to use as reference.

7. Understand that reward loyalty "Birdie Bucks" are for retail customers only and do not apply to wholesale/distributor orders.

8. All wholesale orders are exempt from retail promotions and/or sales.

 How to sign up as a wholesaler:

1. Read policy above.

2. Create an account on the home page.

3. After an account has been created, send and email to Sarah at with your account name, company name, business website, and tax free certificate (if applicable).

4. Once we receive your information, we will contact you to confirm your account and acceptance of wholesale/distributor terms.

**If you were listed previously (before December 2020) as a distributor with Avian Fashions, you must contact Sarah to discuss your status.  If you sell Avian Fashions products on your own site/store, you will be set up as a wholesaler instead of a distributor.