FlightSuits™ are cleverly designed, soft, stretchy, breathable & reusable pet bird diapers.  They allow your feathered friends more out-of-cage time - both indoors and out - without the worry of messy & embarrassing poop accidents.  Use the optional Leashette (for the smallest birds - sizes 1 to 2.5), Lanyard (for small to medium-sized birds - sizes 3 to 6) or AnchorLine (for larger birds - sizes 7 to 15) to keep your bird close to you & prevent dangerous fly-aways.  Easy to put on and take off with Velcro fasteners, and ideal for travel.  The patented poop-pouch safely keeps droppings away from your bird and you.

Plucking devices are now available on featherwearshop.com

FlockSuits are now available on featherwearshop.com

The unique, patented poop-pouch is a soft, V-shaped extension at the end of the FlightSuit™.  It catches the bird's waste as it lands, capitalizing on what is characteristic of bird poop - that it adheres to whatever it lands on - in this case, the disposable FlightLiner.  The upper part of the pouch lets it sit away from the body & protect the bird from further contact with the droppings.  It is a simple concept designed with precise specifications to work properly for each species of bird.

Yes and no.  Most "diapers" are disposable, while FlightSuits™ are not.  The term "diaper" is often associated with negative connotations - messy, smelly and constricting.  None of these apply to the FlightSuit™, which is reusable, attractive and stylish.  Use them with a leash and they become so much more!

No.  The beauty of FlightSuits™ and the feature that made them "patentable" is that they safely contain the poop AWAY from the bird.  With a properly fitting FlightSuit, they are guaranteed to work!

While FlightSuits can be worn for extended periods during their waking hours, we recommend the FlightLiner be changed every 4 to 6 hours (for small and medium sized birds), or every 2-4 hours for larger birds. With changing the FlightLiner as recommended, you will extend the time between having to change the FlightSuit as well. It is okay if your bird wears the FlightSuit as needed during the day and evening, when he/she is out of the cage. Keep in mind, however, that you should provide your bird with at least a few hours in the day to preen and be exposed to natural daylight - without the FlightSuit.

Yes.  One of the FlightSuits™' best features is they they are indeed washable and reusable.  We recommend handwashing in a mild, UNSCENTED soap or detergent - or putting them in a mesh lingerie bag, if you'd rather wash them using the delicates cycle of your washing machine.  

Yes, if used correctly.  Avian Fashions' Leashettes, Lanyards and AnchorLines will make your bird's time outdoors safer.  We do recommend that birds' wings be clipped while using our leashes. If you have a larger bird that is unclipped, you may opt to have the AnchorLine Velcro adaptor sewn into the back of your bird's FlightSuit (see option under ANCHORLINES), or an Aviator Harness (not sold by Bird Nerd) can be used over top a properly fitting FlightSuit. Some tips:

* Make certain that the FlightSuit and leash are securely in place and properly applied, by pressing the Velcro pieces together. Be sure to give the leash a good tug - as you hold your bird in place - to ensure that you have a good closure.

* When you or your bird sense danger, hold the bird close to your body with one hand on the FlightSuit as well as the leash, securing the bird to prevent it from flying off.

* Never leave the bird unattended with the FlightSuit and leash attached. It is not safe to tie the leash to something and walk away. If you need to set your bird down, try to be quick and hold the end of the leash at all times.

* Do not carry a larger bird on your shoulder while outdoors. You could receive a bite to the face if the bird is startled. Instead, carry the bird securely under the crook of your arm - like a purse or football - or hold it on your hand, with your thumbs over its toes.

* NEVER jerk the leash. If the bird does bolt, it will go to the end of its leash and then settle to the ground naturally. Don't pull on the leash unless you know that the bird will land in danger (like into a dog's mouth).

* Inspect the leash before each use. Check to see that the hardware is working correctly and that there is no damage that may weaken the leash material.

* Buy a leash color that contrasts with the color of your bird. It is easier to see a red leash on a white bird, allowing you to visually confirm if something has become loose.

* Consider using a cat collar around your wrist to secure the handle of the leash and prevent it from slipping off of your hand. You may also loop the leash around your shoulder or neck, to keep your smaller or medium sized bird close to you.

* Holding a bird with your thumb over its toes gives you greater control when you carry it and helps to prevent it from flying from your hand.

* Be careful that you don't catch the leash on a protruding object.

You will receive an order confirmation via e-mail once you complete your order on our website. Most orders will ship within 2-3 business days. Please allow an additional 2-4 days for custom orders to be completed, such as FeatherSweaters, appliqued FlightSuits, FeatherProtectors with added fleece extensions, etc. You may also log into your account to check your order status.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@avianfashions.com

You can use a length of ribbon or string to take your bird's measurements, if a soft tape measure is not available - and then compare your measurements against a ruler. We are looking for TWO key measurements - body GIRTH and LENGTH:

1. Measure the GIRTH of your bird going ALL THE WAY AROUND the plumpest part of the body, going UNDERNEATH the wings.

2. Measure the LENGTH of your bird on his/her back - going from the bottom of the neck down to the START of the tail feathers (where they begin to grow from the body).

Here is a link to a helpful photo and video from our website: How To Measure My Bird

Your shipping costs and options will be presented to you at the end of your order process, before you submit payment. Cost of shipping is based on a combination of the weight and dimensions of your package & destination. Domestic U.S. First Class shipping can be as low as $3.50 for a FlightSuit, for example.

Standard orders are typically filled and shipped within 3-4 business days.

Orders that select Priority shipping are filled and shipped within 1-2 business days.

Customized items, such as appliqued or monogrammed orders, will ship within 4-5 business days.

Other customized products, such as FeatherSweaters and Custom FeatherProtectors, will require 10-14 business days for delivery.

Duck and Goose items are filled and shipped within 5-7 business days. All Baby Harness sets, DiaperHarness and DiaperGuard orders are shipped via PRIORITY USPS mail (for 2-3 day shipping), for US orders.

Please see our Size Chart for correct sizing.

In order to maximize success when introducing the FlightSuit to your bird, it is important to take the following steps for positive conditioning. This process will be quicker for younger birds (less than six months old), and a bit longer for older birds:

1. Allow your bird to see the FlightSuit from a comfortable distance, so that he/she may become accustomed to both the color and fabric. Minimum time: 1 day.

2. Pin or clip the FlightSuit to your shirt or pant belt loop, to let your bird see you "wear" the FlightSuit first & see it as a part of you. Minimum time: 1-2 days.

3. Over time, move the FlightSuit closer to the bird and cage. Hang the FlightSuit on or near the cage (never IN the cage), allowing your bird to examine the Suit. You can also start to pet or caress your bird lightly with the FlightSuit. Play Peek-a-Boo with it. Offer him/her some favorite treats while you have it in hand. Minimum time 2-3 days.

4. When you're both ready to test the FlightSuit, remove your bird's food for 2-3 hours. Put the FlightSuit on your bird and immediately reward him/her by returning food or feeding. This serves as a positive reinforcement as well as a distraction.

5. Continue with positive reinforcement during training:

*Offer plenty of verbal praise.

* Give favorite treats: peas, corn or millet spray.

* Once the FlightSuit is on, enjoy quality on-on-one time away from the cage. When you go to take the FlightSuit off, immediately return your bird to the cage. This is not a punishment, but rather a temporary practice to reinforce in your bird's mind that the FlightSuit signals time out of the cage with you.

* Have a favorite toy for your little one to play with once the FlightSuit is on.

* Take your bird outside for special outings, using the appropriate leash.

6. Birds may nibble at the FlightSuit until they become accustomed to wearing it. To minimize the nibbling, you can use Bitter Apple Spray or aloe-vera based Cease (can be found at most pet stores) on those areas of the FlightSuit.

How to Condition How to Condition Video

Even though we offer a size chart to determine the best size for your bird species, some birds may be a little smaller or larger than average. If your bird's FlightSuit® doesn't fit, we are happy to exchange for a different size. (NOTE: Avian Fashions does not offer refunds for worn FlightSuits® or any sale/clearance items.) Please Email us at info@avianfashions.com to initiate your return/exchange. Once you have communicated with a representative, you can send the items back to us at

Avian Fashions 18 Fife St Stafford, VA 22554

1. Open the Velcro closure and place the FlightSuit on a flat, soft surface (a carpeted floor is recommended when starting out as a new FlightSuit user), with the back of the FlightSuit & tail opening facing upward.

2. Place your bird onto the FlightSuit, placing his/her feet in the middle of the wing hole openings.

3. Gently ease the elastic straps up and over the wings, one at a time.

4. Align and snugly clasp the Velcro closure. The poop pouch should line up under the vent.

5. Gently tug the poop pouch towards the tail, to properly align the FlightSuit along the body.

6. Carefully stretch the wings to attain their fullest expansion, to free any feathers from the straps.

7. For larger birds, gently stretch the wings before clasping the Velcro closure.

8. Your bird's wings, neck and feet should be totally free.

9. As with all new pet accessories, owners should supervise pet birds at all times, especially while introducing FlightSuits.

9. Refer or our video here: ******

Turn the soiled FlightSuit inside out and match up the Velcro closure. Soak the FlightSuit in warm Woolite (or other mild, UNSCENTED detergent) water mixture for 30-45 minutes. Rinse thoroughly in cold water and hang to dry.

In most cases, No. You will be better off ordering your bird's full-grown size if he is 3 months old or older. If your bird's FlightSuit™ is slightly too big, you can utilize our "String Method" to help adjust the fit. Simply take a ribbon or string to loop underneath the elastic straps on the back - once the FlightSuit is on your bird. Pull and tie the two ends into a small bow in the center of his back. This will bring the fit of the FlightSuit™ closer to your bird and should eliminate any tripping issues. You should find that you will no longer need to use this adjustment as it fully grows into it's FlightSuit™.

It is normal for a bird to hunker down a little more or walk like a little drunken sailor when they are getting used to the feel and extra little bit of weight of the FlightSuit. This will diminish after 1-2 days of wearing the Suit, and beyond that, your bird should be able to walk, climb and fly as normal. While she is in this short wobbly phase, we recommend allowing her to be on a carpeted floor with you.

The delivery time of your order will depend on the shipping option you chose at checkout, before you completed your order.

Domestic U.S. First Class shipping requires 3-5 business days for delivery.

Domestic PRIORITY USPS shipping requires 2-3 business days for delivery.

Domestic FedEx options (2-day or Overnight) provide exactly what the name states.

FedEx Global Priority shipping requires 3-4 business days for delivery.

Also, be aware that postal systems worldwide have been impacted by current COVID-19 restrictions - so delays are to be expected.

Birds that are hand-tamed and used to being "handled" may be better candidates for becoming wearers of the FlightSuit or FeatherProtector. If your bird is generally okay with you being able to pet or caress him/her - and touching the wings is not an issue - then that's a good start!

Birds are also often able to become better acclimated to wearing a FlightSuit when it's introduced at a younger age. This does not mean that an older bird, or a "cranky" or "independent" bird is unable to use the FlightSuit. As you know, each bird has its own unique personality and bond with its parent. It is possible to teach an old bird new tricks, but it will require more patience and consistency when introducing the FlightSuit in a positive, gradual way.

If your bird is especially cantankerous and does not like to be touched or handled - and is prone to biting to avoid this type of contact - then he or she may not be a good candidate for the FlightSuit.