Bird Toys

Creative toys not only entertain, but can actually stimulate and de-stress your bird. Toys should be colorful and feature moveable parts that can be chewed and enjoyed. Based on our research here at Avian Fashions, we offer the quality toys below which we know your bird will love!
The Entertainer
The Entertainer Avian Fashions from $16.00 USD
SeaGrass Ring
SeaGrass Ring Super Critter Creations $9.00 USD
Hide & Seek Foraging Perch
Hide & Seek Foraging Perch Calypso Creations from $10.00 USD
Whirl and Twirl
Whirl and Twirl Paradise Toys $6.00 USD
Super Shedder Ball
Super Shedder Ball Sweet Feet & Beak from $12.00 USD
Pinata Octopus
Pinata Octopus Planet Pleasures Sold Out
Natural Pinata
Natural Pinata Planet Pleasures from $8.00 USD
Wind Chimes
Wind Chimes Avian Fashions $11.00 USD
Happy Bird-Day Gift Set
Happy Bird-Day Gift Set Avian Fashions $23.00 USD
Beaker Sneaker
Beaker Sneaker Super Bird Creations $8.00 USD
Thing-a-ma-Bob Super Bird Creations $18.00 USD
Foraging Croc
Foraging Croc Super Bird Creations $8.00 USD
Birdie Binkie (Colors Vary)
Birdie Binkie (Colors Vary) Avian Fashions $20.00 USD
Holiday Birdie Binkie - Limited Edition
Holiday Birdie Binkie - Limited Edition Avian Fashions $20.00 USD