Dress up any FlightSuit™ or Costume with one of our specialty made hats, or as we like to call them, Birdie Bonnets! From Halloween to Christmas to Easter and Birthdays - we have your celebrations covered (great for photo ops!). See the size chart below and please note that not all of our hats are available in all sizes.
Pirate Hat
Pirate Hat Avian Fashions $17.00 USD
Pirate FeatherWear FlightSuit™
Pirate FeatherWear FlightSuit™ Avian Fashions from $33.00 USD
Happy BirdDay Hat
Happy BirdDay Hat Avian Fashions $17.00 USD
Happy Bird-Day Gift Set
Happy Bird-Day Gift Set Avian Fashions $23.00 USD
Baker's Hat
Baker's Hat Avian Fashions $16.00 USD
Top Hat
Top Hat
Top Hat Avian Fashions $8.00 USD $15.00 USD
BunnyEars BirdieBonnet
BunnyEars BirdieBonnet Avian Fashions $16.00 USD
Avian Fashions Storage Hanger
Avian Fashions Storage Hanger Avian Fashions $6.00 USD