About Us

At Bird Nerd, we aim to expand the boundaries of a caged life for pet and rescued birds.  Founded by three women who started this journey with Avian Fashions, Sarah, Kim and Pollyn have over 14 collective years of experience in the world of outfitting birds of all stripes and sizes.  Inspired by the legacy that Lorraine Moore has left on the pet bird industry, we aim to continue and expand the creative force behind enhancing the quality of life for pet birds & their owners.  We proudly produce the original, patented FeatherWear FlightSuit - more than just a bird diaper & a revolution in pet bird lifestyle - and our full range of FeatherProtectors for birds that pluck, FlockSuits for chickens, DiaperHarnesses for ducks and geese and more.  

We're an independently owned, creativity driven enterprise that aims to expand the possibilities of life outside the cage for pet birds and their owners.  With a heart for all things avian & coming from our backgrounds of business management, quality production & innovation and attentive customer care, we proudly launch Bird Nerd.  We're devoted to optimizing the bird-"parront" relationship & invite you to explore the wide range of our veterinary-approved products in our store - for all types of birds!