We’re Saying Goodbye . . . and Hello

A Special Message from Lorraine & Mark Moore

Founders & Owners of Avian Fashions, Inventor of the Original FlightSuit™ Bird Diaper 

We’re leaving the nest! After almost 25 beautiful years of running Avian Fashions, we are retiring. This letter is hard for us to write because so much of our passion, energy, time and love have been poured into Avian Fashions over these years. We have met so many wonderful customers, heard amazing stories about your birds and gotten to work with some extremely talented and dedicated coworkers.

The adventures have been beyond our wildest dreams, from appearing on the CBS Early Show and Good Morning America, to competing on “To Tell the Truth,” and being featured on Animal Planet and National Geographic Explorer, as well as numerous news articles. As Mark has said, “We had no idea we could take a niche product like this and have this much fun and be this successful at it.” As fate would have it, Avian Fashions took flight at the same time the internet did, and the rest is history.

We thank each and every one of you – customers, employees, contractors, vendors and more. We are humbled by all of your help, support and loyalty.

Thankfully, this is not the end of Avian Fashions – it is a new beginning! We are handing the reins over to “The Bird Nerds,” three current Avian Fashions employees who will take over company ownership. This transition should be smooth because, of course, The Bird Nerds already know everything there is to know about Avian Fashions, and we will remain on hand to lend advice. We are confident The Bird Nerds have the commitment and compassion to continue our legacy. Most importantly, Avian Fashions will continue to deliver the same quality products and amazing customer service that have always been Avian Fashions’ trademarks.

Introducing the Bird Nerds

Starting December 13thThe Bird Nerds will handle all operations, orders and shipping. Each is uniquely gifted to keep things running smoothly and steer Avian Fashions on a spectacular flight plan!

Sarah Holliday(middle) – Sarah has been Avian Fashions’ Office Manager for 3 years and her new role will be Owner/Chief Managing Director. She has a wealth of administrative and technical skills and a knack for company vision. She is a proud Pittsburgher, mental health advocate, cheerleading coach, wife, and mother to three teenagers. She fell in love with birds when she noticed the positive impact they have on their owners.

Kim Robinson(right) – Kim handles all things to do with Production, sewing and new product introduction. Her new role as Owner/Chief Production Officer will be the same, plus helping with custom orders. After sewing FeatherProtectors for years, Kim also has a special place in her heart for pluckers and their unique needs. Kim loves animals, especially her standard poodle, Ralph. She’s a (retired) military wife, mom to a teenager and once lived life as a respiratory therapist.

Pollyn Tennyson (left) – Many customers who call get to talk to the best listener with the photographic memory – Pollyn. Pollyn has the uncanny ability to recall customer names, their birds and what they ordered. She has worked in Customer Care & Support at Avian Fashions for 6 years, along with a little bit of sewing. As Owner/Director of Operations, she’ll continue in those roles as well as collaborating on product review and development. She’s a New Jersey native, former Registered Nurse, wife and mama to three older boys and a dog named Chief. If she were to adopt a bird, it would be a rescue. Meanwhile, she finds crows fascinating.

What will be different?

Many things at Avian Fashions will remain the same, but here’s an update on a few changes beginning December 13th:
1.      New website – same domains. Your favorite items may be in different places, but you’ll acclimate quickly and find items organized intuitively, with a size chart on every page and easy to find instructions.
2.      Free shipping on U.S. orders over $75.
3.      Shipping and tracking accessible by email and customer accounts.
4.      New customer loyalty and referral program.
5.      New chat feature – coming soon.
6.      New app also coming soon, for iPhone and Android.
7.      New selections and products in the works and much, much more!
8.      Same wonderful products and customer service!

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